Every home is different. Every room is different.  Every remodeling job is different. But one thing remains consistent, and that’s our commitment to satisfying homeowners.

The first step is to meet with you, either in your home or at our showroom. During this initial meeting, we’ll learn what you want and need from your new room or new cabinets. By carefully asking the right questions and taking the right measurements, we can then provide a solution or solutions that will provide both the right aesthetic and the best functionality.

To prepare for this meeting, we recommend that you read through and complete the appropriate questionnaire.

Project Questionnaire

To increase the efficiency of your kitchen or bathroom design, and more importantly, to ensure your newly remodeled room is exactly what you want and need, please carefully consider and complete the appropriate questionnaire.

You can either fill out the entire questionnaire online, or you can download it, print it, and take your time to answer the questions at your own pace.

If you're doing a room other than a kitchen or bathroom, or you would like to contact us before completing the questionnaire, please feel free to do so.

Download Kitchen Questionnaire
Download Bathroom Questionnaire